Second Stitch

FutureStitch provides training, support, and hope to justice impacted individuals, in order to empower an entrepreneurial mindset, and stop the cycle of incarceration.

When we employ justice-impacted individuals, we understand that the combination of support and opportunity creates a strength that surpasses the sum of their past experiences. Empowering justice-impacted individuals with this second chance is like adding a second stitch over a first in a garment—it significantly enhances strength and resilience. The second stitch supports the first, reducing the likelihood that either will bear the full load alone, which can lead to tearing or breaking. FutureStitch is dedicated to providing this transformative program - Second Stitch, equipping our employees with resources and skills to take control of their lives and pursue their passions.

Our Stories

Currently 71% of the FutureStitch's employees are justice-impacted and enrolled in the Second Stitch program. Our goal is to spread the program's success and inspire others to join our efforts in stopping the cycle of incarceration.

Employee Curriculum

Let’s get started on your personal journey toward entrepreneurship!

Within this program, there are five tiers of personal development with relevant courses within each.

For each course completed, you will receive different rewards. The longer you’re in the program, the bigger you’ll find the payouts! This is self-guided training, so you can work at your own pace.

Employer Guide

The goal is to empower justice-impacted individuals to create their own path to success, to provide the skills & resources they need to achieve their goals, & to support them on their journey towards a brighter future.



Start a business!

Entrepreneurship skills

Sales, HR, Accounting, Design, Strategy, Management, Counseling, etc

Professional skills

Public Speaking, Advanced Computer Skills, Networking, Leadership, etc

Recreational skills

Yoga, Cooking, Self Care, Fitness, Gardening, etc

Fundamental skills

Budgeting, Reading, Writing, Communication, etc

Essential skills

Housing, Food, Childcare, Banking, etc

Here at FutureStitch we created a 5 tier system with courses within each. The idea is to work from the bottom up, progressing on each skill until you reach the BOSS level. By the time our employees complete courses all the way to the BOSS level, they should be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to start their own business and be an entrepreneur in their own lives.

Get to know employees

Like building anything, it is always best to start with questions! Get to know your employees by asking questions like:

1. What three skills do you want to learn the most?
2. What three things motivate you the most?
3. What three things stress you out the most?
4. What three things do you value most in a job?
5. What three things do you want most in life?

Employee exploration

Make the employee exploration enjoyable and interactive. For a week or two, lay out a question a day in the breakroom. Surround the question with pictures. Every day, give the employees stickers numbered 1-4. Employees then can rate the pictures, by number, based on how strongly the images speak for them.

Images to include (but not limited to):

Build the curriculum

When building the curriculum, consider a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Create a curriculum of hard skills and soft skills. Assist employees to discover their passion and purpose.

Ask people in your circle and community if they would like to lead classes. Discover what skills other employees can teach!

Some courses can be done one day a week for a month and repeated when new employees join the company. Some courses might be self taught online. Other courses might just be a one and done class. Set a schedule of courses that work for your company.

Vision boards

Hold space for employees to create vision boards. You can bring in magazines and ask employees to bring images that inspire them. You will gain more of an understanding of what to add to the Second Stitch program by seeing collages of dreams, affirmations, and motivations.

Reward program

Further motivate employees by offering rewards. At FutureStitch, we give out Croc Jibbitz, badges, certificates, books, gift cards, DIY kits, Chromebooks, and more when the employees finish classes.