*Don't let a dark past ruin a bright future*

A little bit about myself..
My name is Nicole and I was born in Germany in 1991. I am a mother of three and really want to show my children and others, that it is possible to overcome difficult times.
I was raised by my mother and grew up with two brothers. My father passed away in a car accident in 1993. At only 13 my addiction to Meth started. I was only a child who didn't understand how this would affect my life. For the first time, I quit using drugs at the age of 20 and stayed clean for over 6 years. I was married and had children, which was everything I ever wanted.
However, it all started to fall apart, and I ran back to the only way of escape I knew. Drugs. I relapsed and shortly after, I lost everything I had. My kids, my marriage, my job, my car, my home, my mind, just everything.
My life was a complete disaster. I ended up in jail and found myself on the streets once I was released. I've done "jobs" and other things I am not proud of. Due to my drug use, I started to be really paranoid (I had a meth-induced psychosis, which lasted a few years) and was not able to continue working in that industry. I went completely insane and lost every little bit of hope I had left. 
After a long time of all this chaos I finally went to treatment again, while I was 8 months pregnant. I became CWS involved again, another loss, when they removed my child straight from the hospital.
Yet I did not give up. My clean date is February 3rd, 2022. I have accomplished so many things since then. 
My children are back in my life, and I have full physical and legal custody of my youngest. I have overcome homelessness and now live in a beautiful 2-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and my children. Since starting my position as a Production Operator at Future Stitch in May 2023, I have been promoted to Quality Control Technician. I love my job at Future Stitch because there is so much room for personal and professional growth. The people at Future Stitch are not just my coworkers, but they have become my family. 
I'm a firm believer in Jesus Christ, who delivered me from the bondage of addiction. I'm looking forward to a bright future. I'm a role model for my children and the people around me. 
I won't be a victim of the struggles of my past any longer, I won't be in bondage to my addiction anymore. I will be everything God has intended for me to be. My name is Nicole Padilla, I have hope, I have a purpose and I am an overcomer.

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