The Fresh Start program is a comprehensive criminal record relief program at no charge to file a dismissal and expungement petition.

Find the application here.

This program assists with:
  1. Expungements (dismissals) of criminal convictions
  2. Prop 47 Relief (Reclassifying certain low-level felonies to misdemeanors)
  3. Prop 64 Relief (Reclassifying certain marijuana convictions)
  4. Motions to reduce felony convictions to misdemeanors
  5. Motions for early termination of probation
  6. Certificates of rehabilitation/gubernatorial pardons
  7. Gang documentation & injunction relief
  8. Victim of human trafficking arrest/conviction relief
  9. DNA database expungement
  10. Correcting errors in Department of Justice criminal history records
  11. Dismissal petitions for successful PC1000 participants per PC 1203.43
  12. Sealing arrest records
  13. PC290 registration relief

Office of the Public Defender Fresh Start Program
Call: 619.338.4700
Address : 450 B Street, Suite 900 San Diego, CA 92101