Future Stitch's core is all about making the best socks and partnering with the best brands to make this come true.

FutureStitch is a knit manufacturer responsible for producing tens of millions of socks, compression sleeves, and knit shoe uppers per year. FutureStitch has a strategic partnership with Lonati—the most premium circular knitting machinery in the world—manufacturing knitted goods in the United States, Turkey, and China. 

FutureStitch operates with high-quality consumer brands such as Under Armour, Stance, Reigning Champ, Crocs, Brooks, Everlane, Toms, and others, to design, develop, and manufacture premium sock businesses. With a deep material library, FutureStitch produces superior casual, dress, and sport performance socks. The company has its own proprietary software to assist in the design, development, and knit manufacturing of custom socks, along with an advanced digital IP library, which allows for sock customization and small-batch production at lightning-fast lead times. 

FutureStitch is a sustainable sock factory that prides itself on eco-friendly construction, low energy usage, and green raw materials, as well as knit treatments that increase the value and lifespan of their products. The organization takes pride in its high social score and its mission to create jobs for disadvantaged labor populations. 

FutureStitch exists at the intersection of highest-quality products, eco innovation, and social responsibility