FutureStitch offers a computer skills class. Once you complete all the deliverables you will get to keep your very own Chromebook. Computer skills are fundamental in today's professional landscape, serving as the backbone of nearly every career field. In an increasingly digital world, the ability to navigate and harness technology is essential. Proficiency in computer skills allows individuals to efficiently access, analyze, and manage information, boosting productivity and problem-solving capabilities. It facilitates effective communication, whether through email, video conferencing, or collaborative software. Moreover, these skills enable individuals to adapt to the evolving demands of the workforce, as automation and data-driven decision-making become prevalent. In essence, computer skills are the gateway to success in any career, empowering individuals to stay competitive, innovative, and well-connected in an ever-changing job market.


Setting up a Chromebook (30 min)

In this session, you will get to know the Chromebook and create a username for Google.

  1. Watch this clip: What is a Chromebook? (01:30)
  2. Watch this clip: Setting up a Chromebook (7:00)
  3. Watch this clip: Get to know the Chromebook (15:22)
  4. Personalize your Wallpaper and any other settings you need (larger text, cursor, etc)
  5. Logout

Personalizing the Chromebook (30 min)

In this session, you will let your curiosity guide your learning. What tutorials can you find that will help you navigate a Chromebook.

  1. Login to your Google account
  2. Watch this clip: Got a New Chromebook (13:03)
  3. Browse through the How to Chromebook YouTube Channel & spend 15 minutes learning more about Chromebook capabilities
  4. Logout

Deliverable: After watching films, you should know how to:

  1. Log into a Google Account
  2. Use your ports
  3. Know where to adjust settings
  4. Extend your display (know how you can connect to TV or 2nd screen)
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts (control+Alt+Shift = all shortcuts)
  6. Copy/Paste (Control C / Control V)
  7. Undo (Control Z)
  8. Take a Screenshot (Shift+Control+Show Windows)
  9. Use Function Keys
  10. Understand Trackpad Gestures (Pause film & practice these gestures)
  11. One-finger gestures (pointing, tap click or use trackpad to click)Two-finger click (right click / open context menu)
  12. Two-finger up/down on trackpad = scroll up/down
  13. Three-finger up/down = show all windows
  14. Three-finger rt/lf = swipe through open tabs
  15. Three-finger click = close tab
  16. Powerwash your Chromebook (back to factory settings - only use when you want to wipe out your account on the Chromebook. It will still be active on the internet when you sign into chrome.)

Be prepared to share what you have learned.


Google Gmail (30 min)

In this session, you will get to know Google Mail (gmail), which allows you to send, receive, and save electronic mail.

  1. Watch this clip on how to set up Google Email (5:26)
  2. Watch this clip on how to add a profile picture to your account (2:02)
  3. Watch this clip on how to add a signature in Gmail (3:20)
  4. Create a signature block on your google account. SAVE (at bottom)
  5. Send an email to saying "Hi!"
  6. Logout

Google Drive (30 min)

In this session, you will get to know Google Drive, which allows you to organize and save documents, photos, personal websites, and your personal data online. Since your Chromebook does not come with a lot of storage space, you will use Google Drive to store most of your data. In order to use and access Google Drive, your Chromebook must be connected to the internet.

  1. Watch this clip on how to setup and use Google Drive (16:48)
  2. Create a new folder in your Drive called FutureStitch Program
  3. Logout

Google Docs (30 min)

  1. In this session, you will get to know Google Docs, which allows you to write and share information digitally.
  2. Watch this clip on how to use Google Docs (4:17)
  3. Open your Google Drive / FutureStitch Folder
  4. Create +NEW DOC (doc will automatically save in folder)
  5. Title your doc “About Me”
  6. Type your "My Truths" and "Identity Statement" (this will go on your website)
  7. Logout

Google Sheets (30 mins + 30 mins)

In this session, you will get to know Google Sheets, which allows you to categorize and calculate information digitally.

  1. Attend the Budgeting Workshop with Esteban and Brendan.Contact Sarah for more information.
  2. Watch the film clip on how to use Google Sheets
  3. Open your Google Drive / FutureStitch Folder
  4. Create +NEW SHEET (sheet will automatically save in folder)
  5. Create a monthly budget using Google Sheets


How to write a professional email (30 min)

In this session, you will learn how to write a professional email.

  1. Watch this clip: How to Write an Email (No, Really) (15:44)
  2. Watch this clip: How to Write an Email (4:51)
  3. Logout

Deliverable: After watching films, you should know how to:

  1. Use good email etiquette
  2. Format an email (parts of an email, capitalization, spacing and empty lines, and signature block)
  3. Fill out the subject line
  4. Write a salutation (including a colon or comma)
  5. Write the body
  6. Write the closing
  7. Write your signature

Send an Email (30 min)

In this session, you will write a professional email and send it to someone you work with.

  1. Write an email to Sarah & Esteban using the format from below
  2. Send your email to and
  3. Logout


In this step, you will create a personal portfolio to track your learning. This portfolio belongs to you and will be stored online for you to access from any device and share with whomever you choose. At FutureStitch, you can access it from a Chromebook. You will use your portfolio to document all of your learning and mastery.

Google Sites (30 min)

Google Sites is a website builder. In this tutorial, you will learn to use Google Sites, so you can set up your own personal website portfolio.

  1. Open your Google Drive / FutureStitch Folder
  2. Create +NEW SITE (your website will automatically save in your FutureStitch folder)
  3. Create PERSONAL WEBSITE (example)
  4. Click the PLUS and ADD new PAGES for the following topics: Hope, Support, Training, Resume
  5. Click PUBLISH (and choose a name to publish)
  6. BOOKMARK your homepage (click the STAR to the right of your browser window. If you forgot how to bookmark, watch this short clip "How to Bookmark")
  7. Logout

Google Sites- "About Me" & Customization (30 min)

In this session, you’ll learn how to personalize your site, change colors, add images, and change headers, add your ABOUT ME information to the HOMEPAGE of your website (“Personal Portfolio”).

  1. Watch this clip on how to use Google Google Sites
  2. Open your website (it should be in your bookmarks bar above).
  3. Go to your GOOGLE DRIVE, and open your "About Me" doc that you created in Session 5, then COPY (Ctrl + c).
  4. Go to your HOMEPAGE and INSERT a TEXT BOX and PASTE (Ctrl + v) your "About Me" doc onto your website.
  5. Finally, add your PROFILE PICTURE to Google Drive (you can either download Google Drive to your phone and add your image that way, or you can email your image to yourself)
  6. Click PUBLISH
  7. Logout

Google Sites- Training (30 min)

In this session, you will add what you’ve learned during this COMPUTER TRAINING to your website (“Personal Portfolio”)Open your website (it should be in your bookmarks bar above)

  1. Go to your TRAINING page
  2. Watch this tutorial to remind yourself how to add content

Post the following to your portfolio:

Answer the following questions about your learning journey (example):

  1. What did you learn?
  2. What’s been the most frustrating?
  3. What apps might be helpful to you in the future? Why?
  4. What do you still want to learn to do?
  5. Click Publish
  6. Click the Paper Clip button, then COPY Link, send an email to and PASTE (Ctrl + v) your link into the email.
  7. Logout


E-Greeting Card (30 min)

In this section, you will learn to send a free e-card to someone.

  1. Gratitude is part of the MAGIC of FutureStitch, so for your last step, you will send a Thank You card to someone who has helped you in your life
  2. Watch this clip and create an e-greeting card thanking someone
  3. Search for free ecards
  4. Send an e-card to a friend

Sit down & share your site

  1. During your break or lunch, schedule time to show off what you’ve learned and share your website with Sarah.
  2. Click this link and complete quick survey on the Computer MAGIC Program