Master Your Emotions is an 8-week workshop on anger management, prepared for Second Stitch.

Life is hard. For some people it’s really hard. Recovering from incarceration, figuring out how to navigate the real world, earning a living, reconnecting with family (or not), and managing their health is a massive challenge for the justice impacted community. Not to mention the discrimination they experience by society and family. The solution: All success starts within. Inner work must be done. Staying clean and sober, developing emotional intelligence, managing emotions, and setting personal goals are essential to avoid recidivism and to become resilient, productive, joyful human beings. Laura Einman teaches participants strategies for how to master their anger, frustrations, fears, and let go of their past so they can start to WIN more. Anger is a mysterious topic that no one talks about. In this program we look at it head on! Participants learn what anger really is, how to identify & manage it & even how to deal with angry people.
Digs deeper to address the hidden, more painful & shameful aspects of anger that most coaches don’t want to address.

About Laura Einman

  • Trained with Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine earning “Unbeatable Mind” coaching certification.
  • At age 64, won a gold medal in Olympic Weightlifting & qualified for the world championships twice.
  • Launched a small business at age 50. Three years later Oprah, Rachel Ray, & Barbara Walters endorsed it.
  • “23 years ago, overweight, newly divorced, without direction and unemployed, I began studying the mindset of Navy SEALs, Olympic athletes, and Greek philosophers. I developed a unique, mental confidence program to overcome my negative attitude, lack of direction and life-threatening sugar addiction for good. I started winning in many areas of my life.
  • "Today at age 70, I am 23 years off sugar and junk food. I continue to win in many areas of my life because daily I possess an invincible confidence in myself. I think like a Navy SEAL and practice the “never quit” habits of Olympians.”

When: Once a week for 8 weeks. This course is scheduled annually. Lunch is provided during the zoom calls. Contact Sarah for more information on how to join.