· By George Haralambous

The Promotional Industry and Socks

The sock industry is trending to be $10 billion in the US while the promotional industry is $24 billion. While most people think of socks as purely a product purchased at retail, a lot of socks make their way onto people’s feet through the Promotional Products Industry.

The Promotional Products Industry includes products that are designed, customized, and distributed by companies to get their brand and logo on products and gifts for consumers, employees, and clients. This includes everyday items such as mugs, magnets, calendars, t-shirts, etc.

Traditionally thought of as a swag or tchotchke business, companies continue to raise the bar on quality and buyer and end users have gotten used to expect great products from the Promotional Industry.

Promotional socks are no exception.

Sock manufacturers like Future Stitch offer high quality custom sock programs for the Promotional Industry. Custom sock manufacturers offer programs that can include knit-in sock designs, direct-to-garment sock printing (DTG), and sublimated sock printing and often come in various silhouettes and styles.

When considering what sock manufacturing type to pursue for your promotional sock needs, things to consider are: lead time, budget, and design criteria, quantities.

While the promotional sock industry offers smaller run socks for special events and occasions, many sock manufacturers also offer bulk custom sock options.

If you’re knowledgeable on your options and needs, you can’t go wrong when it comes to sourcing promotional socks.


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