· By Shayna Aigner

The Art of Sneakers - Sock Edition

Jordan MA2s with a black crew sock from BooSocki to create contrast to style.

I always wear my Jordan MA2s with a black crew sock. I think it is a perfect height for a chunky hype sneaker and the black adds nice contrast. I find that wearing a white sock with these makes the light shades and textures look old and worn and not as bright white. My favorite black pair to wear with these sneakers are the BooSocki - Polite MF socks. The knit design ties back with the details on the shoe perfectly without being overwhelming (I have one shoe laced with red and the other shoe laced with blue). No creases allowed for any sneaker head!!

Nike Air Force 1st with quarter socks from Stance.

I wear my Nike Air Force 1s with quarter socks. I pair these shoes with more feminine outfits so a quarter height sock is a super cute choice. I think you can pair any color or pattern with a white AF1, it’s the easiest to style. My favorites are the Aritzia Tna Base Ankle Sock and the Stance Quarter socks. The Stance socks have a slightly elevated price point but you get a really premium high-quality sock. Also, you can buy them in single pairs so it’s easier to try out different styles and mix and match.

Bright colored shoes and sneakers make a great pairing with Stance socks.

If you are worried about rockin’ a neon shoe because you don’t know how to style it, this one’s for you. I LOVE a bright sneaker with a white or black crop top and jeans or denim shorts. It is the perfect pop of color to a classic staple outfit. This bright pink sneaker is the Fila Disruptor 2. Since the shoes are so bright, I tend to wear solid white or black socks only. I am pairing a Stance Quarter sock with this one again. (can you tell it’s my favorite? Who makes Stance socks anyway?). Drawing your attention to shoes is my favorite way to be unique and show off my Fila’s and collection of Stances.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid are perfect to pair with some Stance solid quarter socks.

Pairing socks with the Nike Air Jordon 1 Mid can be challenging. It is a strange height and looks weird if your sock is too high and is uncomfortable if your sock is too low. I used to wear the Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned socks with these since they hit lower than a traditional ankle/quarter sock. However, they started giving me blisters (not the premium socks I needed) and aren’t soft after a few washes. I now wear Stance Quarter socks that have a light cushioning. If you scrunch the sock down slightly it becomes a perfect height while still maintaining a good softness between your foot and the sneaker. I tend to do a solid color with these shoes to keep the look clean and make them pop. Obviously I get most of my shoes from Grail but don’t sleep on the socks game, they make all the difference to match shoes with a nice quality.


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