· By Shayna Aigner

The Art of Socks - Fitness Edition

What better socks to wear while out hiking than some performance wool quarter socks from Stance.

I like to wear wool socks anytime I wear my hiking boots. Wool makes for a good premium sock. Wool regulates temperature and wool socks are still good if they get wet. My favorite hiking socks are the Performance Wool Quarter socks from Stance. I have never once gotten a blister with these so they are a staple. Plus, they are manufactured at an eco-friendly factory so you can feel good about wearing these as you appreciate nature.

Whether you're running or out for a walk, nothing beats the Stance performance tab socks.

My favorite running socks are also Stance (shocker). I like the Performance Tab the best for trail running. The tab on the back gives extra cushion and helps prevent blisters. I swear my fastest and longest runs are when I wear these.

Stance socks are the perfect compliment after a hard workout at the gym and enjoying your Nike Slides.

My favorite way to workout is to take kickboxing classes. At my gym we don’t wear socks or shoes when kicking the bag. I always wear my Nike slides and a pair of fuzzy socks to and from the boxing ring. I find that the fuzzy socks soothe my feet from working out barefoot. My favorite fuzzy socks are from Toms. They are soooo cozy and soft without being too snug and suffocating.


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