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The Art of Socks - Casual Wear


Don't miss out on Crocs sock collection manufactured by Future Stitch.

This one may be controversial but I am definitely a Crocs fan. I have a few pairs of Crocs Socks already and I can tell right away that they are premium socks. I think they must be engineered to not wear and tear with Crocs too because I have definitely ruined some socks by wearing Crocs but these socks still look new. I think you can wear any sock with Crocs, the wackier the better.

Vans fit perfectly with no shows from Stance.

My go to socks for Slip-On Vans might surprise you. I have tried many no-show socks but my all-time favorite ones are the Toms Ultimate No Shows. I like that they are sustainable socks and manufactured in a sustainable factory, but the best thing about these is that THEY STAY ON, real non slip socks. They are so low cut (probably because they are meant for Toms shoes) but they still stay on really well.

Dr. Martens make a great pairing with some fun and out there BooSocki Socks.

I love wearing my Dr. Martens because I can wear the most fun socks with these. I tend to go with a crew sock but scrunch it down a little so only the tip of the sock shows. I usually find fun socks at stores like Sock Harbor. However, I found a hidden gem online - BooSocki. BooSocki has super funny and inappropriate socks. Imagine having a sock that says “kindly go f*** yourself* knit on the side. You can wear whatever you want because it doesn’t show!

Boots are a great match with Everlane Socks.

I find that boots and booties sometimes are uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time so I like to wear a soft cushioned sock with these. My favorites are Everlane’s Organic Cotton Ribbed Crew socks. Everlane also makes sustainable socks at an eco-friendly factory so it’s a feel-good purchase.

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