· By Dylan Sorenson

MVP - What is our Maximum Value Partnership Program?

Our Maximum Value Partnership (MVP) program is focussed on building category growth with like minded, industry leading brands through full-service business strategy, design, and development.

Our direct-to-factory relationship works because, well, we are the factory. We offer speed to market and time management that can’t be found in other manufacturing partners. Together with our team of knitwear experts, including a full staff of designers, developers, and business leaders, we streamline the production process, create valuable new revenue opportunities and maximize brand gross margin dollars.

Here’s the breakdown: 

Strategy - Our team of knit-experts develop a long term strategy that fits your needs while improving gross margin and expanding into new categories.

Consumer Insights - We provide valuable data to make informed decisions about where your market is, what your customers want and the numbers you’ll need to get there.

Design - Designing into knit isn’t easy. Our in-house team of designers help bridge the gap between idea and execution. Already have designs? We’ll transform them into an assortment that fits your current offering. Need designs? We’ll design a product line with your target customer in mind.

Development - Using our proprietary technology and direct-to-factory relationship, we’ll sample and develop your line into an assortment you’re proud of.

Sales & Marketing Consulting - We don’t just stop at sock production. Once product lands, we’re focussed on ensuring your line sells, providing marketing and sales expertise every step of the way.

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