Calendula officinalis

Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, & antivulnerary

This medicinal food prefers sun to slight shade. Calendula is one of our easy to grow herbs. The more you take, the more she gives.

beautiful yellow calendula flowers
group of calendula flower heads on display
close up of a beautiful red calendula flower

Calendula has multi-dimensional properties and can bring gentle healing to:

1. Cold Sores
2. Radiation Skin Damage
3. Bee Stings
4. Diaper Rash
5. Swelling
6. Weak Immune System
7. Eczema
8. Chickenpox
9. Dandruff
10. Sunburns
11. Wounds
12. Bruises
13. Razor Rash
14. Burns
15. Leaky Gut
16. Cradle Cap
17. Digestion
18. Liver Support
19. Pink Eye
20. Gum Disease

Calendula resin is best extracted with oil or alcohol, giving anti-microbial support during fungal or bacterial infections. With her wide range of chemical constituents and edible flowers, she can promote skin hydration, increase collagen production, and support the liver.

Calendula's polysaccharides are best extracted with water, giving us energy and restoration to internal wounds.